Rapid Application Development

FOXopen allows rapid development of mission-critical transaction-based systems. FOXopen was designed with strict security in mind - allowing you to focus on creating your applications.

Rich User Interface

Through the medium of HTML/CSS/JavaScript FOXopen can be used to create intuitive and sleek interfaces - an excellent alternative to Oracle Forms.

Transaction Control

Through the use of transaction control you can enforce strict data integrity and validation.

Workflow Manager

Using our business process system you can easily manage the workflow of your applications and control the flow of data between users.

Data Caching

Caching is achieved via Storage Locations. These allow arbitrary XML data to be stored and refreshed at a given interval or event.

Inbuilt Security

Security is of paramount importance in FOXopen. For example, the bind variable system eliminates the risk of SQL injection.

Web Service Integration

FOXopen modules can be configured to behave as a SOAP web service.

XPath and SQL Interfaces

XPath and SQL are the primary data manipulation languages used within FOXopen. Oracle PL/SQL and SQL provide excellent XML manipulation functions which synergise well with FOXopen's XML-based architechture.

Automatic Validation

FOXopen has built-in widgets and validation for common data types like numbers and dates. This means you can trust that the data entered will always be in a common format, no matter who enters it.

Document Generation

FOXopen facilitates multiple output formats, such as PDF, CSV and HTML. Using this you can quickly and easily set up reports, letters, certificates and other documents which draw from the same data as the rest of your application.

Digital Signatures

Documents can automatically be digitally signed within the FOXopen engine, making official (and legally binding) documents easy to create.

Consistent Applications

FOXopen uses modules created in XML. FOXopen places various restrictions on modules, increasing consistency and reducing bugs. Modules can also act as libraries to enable code reuse.

Online DOM Analyzer

FOXopen provides your modules with several types of XML DOM to store and manipulate the data in your application. You can view all of the DOMs available to you in the debug bar. The debug bar also provides information on the execution of the module which can be used to identify bottlenecks and slow-running operations.

Open Source

FOXopen is released under the BSD licence, which allows it to be modified for commercial projects without having to disclose any of the modified files. This also allows you to fix any bugs you encounter without being reliant on any particular vendor.

Template Layout Modelling

The buffer system allows you to easily separate presentation from content.

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