Frequently Asked Questions

What is FOXopen?

FOXopen is an end-to-end XML framework that provides rapid development and maintenance by automating many common coding tasks.

What is FOXopen developed in?

The core engine uses Java. This interfaces with XML and relational data on the backend and generates XHTML and JavaScript on the front end, as well as document formats such as PDF.

Do I need to learn Java?

No, you don't need Java knowledge to develop FOXopen applications. Although HTML is not essential, it is worthwhile learning and can help with fine-tuning.

So no coding is required, I just point and click?

You will need to understand XML and XPath and some SQL. In addition to this, there are some FOXopen XML tags you will need to learn.

Yet another XML framework, aren't there enough already?

We believe FOXopen is different not only in the way it is developed but in the type of applications it produces.

Also, FOXopen's roots are around five years old, which is before many of the emergent frameworks. However we are keen to leverage off and integrate with some of the existing technologies out there.

I only need a couple of FOXopen screens in my application - do I have to have a database

Yes, this is core to FOXopen. If your applications and data requirements don't warrant a database then FOXopen is probably overkill. It is designed for medium to complex systems and at the moment there are no plans for a database-free version.

What types of web applications was FOXopen designed for?

FOXopen has roots in application and consents systems. It excels at systems with large complex applications gathered from many parties and similarly on the approval side incorporates multiple signoff, consents and document generation.

How do I get it?

Just download FOXopen from Sourceforge and follow the instructions on the download page to get started.

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