FOXopen Overview

About FOXopen

FOXopen is an open-source framework created by DECC's Energy Development Unit. It's used by thousands of people in both government and commercial applications.

Because FOXopen is a free and open-source project, your organisation can benefit from new features and improvements created by other users. But if you want to keep your changes to yourself, the project's BSD licence lets you modify FOXopen without releasing your code.

FOXopen's origins lie in applications and consents systems that require detailed tracking and collaboration. It can be applied to any complex workflow to provide a complete end-to-end service.

How it works

FOXOpen applications are developed by creating Application and Module XML definition files, which are stored in a database.

FOX XML modules can contain model, view, and controller directives. These are compiled at runtime into persistent server memory, the Model and Controller XML DOMs are combined with the View to dynamically create XHTML and JavaScript which is served to the browser.



Client Tier

Module Manager & Cache
Data Management
Logic Controller & Validation
HTML Generation
WSDL Generation
Spatial AJAX Manager
SQL / API Engine
Database Transaction Handling
Authentication & User Management
File Uploads / Downloads
Document Generation (PDF/Excel)
Spatial Rendering Engine

FOXopen (Middle Tier)

FOXopen Module Store
Application Data Tables
Application Logic (APIs) - PL/SQL
FOXopen Thread Store
User Accounts & Privileges
FOXopen Spatial (GIS)

Database Tier

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